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Threading is a hair removal method which uses a specialised 100% cotton thread to remove hair growth. It is primarily used on the face, on areassuch as eyebrows, upper lip, chin and so on. This ancient method of hair removal has many advantages over the usual waxing method as it doesn’t burn or irritate the skin particularly around the eye area.

The skin in this area is much thinner than any where else on the body so can drag easily causing premature sagging and wrinkles over time. With threading it removes the hair itself and not the skin. Threading is ideal for anyone with acne prone or sensitive skin as it does not aggravate the skin as waxing does. Another advantage is that regular threading causes hair to grow back finer and thinner.


MYbrowz allows to create beautifully shaped and defined eyebrows. Using a combination of threading, waxing, tweezing, trimming, tinting / bleaching and defining with make up.

You can create 10 eyebrow colour variations using the dense pigment tint colours, you can also lighten the eyebows and even have a colour such as red or chocolate brown to match your hair if you wanted, many combinations.

The procedure is completed by using mineral make up foundation around the brows and using the brow palette to further define if needed.

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